1 January 2019, a new playing mode into force - see the new law, a playing mode (2018: 1138) here.

Bonnier news follows the TU game ad recommendations - see excerpts about the new gaming law and recommendations from TU's website :

Game Monopoly repealed and replaced by a licensing system where everyone - public and private, Swedish and foreign - gaming company that meets the terms of the license may be authorized to operate gaming. A special excise tax of 18 percent will be levied on the game. With the game Act also introduces a requirement that all marketing should be moderate. In moderation assessment guidance can be downloaded from the TU game ad recommendation.

Temperance - Game Listing Ads

- Gambling Advertisements will correct and balanced presentation of chances to win and not to create the impression that the chances of winning are greater than they actually are.

- Gambling Advertisements will not convey the image of the game that socially attractive.

- Gambling Advertisements will not be aimed specifically at children or young people under the age of 18. Media houses are responsible in this regard for how and where gambling ads are published.

- Gambling Advertisements will not show well-known people and imply that the individuals participating in the game have contributed to their success.

- Gambling Advertisements should not convey the impression that participation in the games is a solution to economic problems or can enhance the player's social status.

- Gambling Advertisements should not convey the impression that the offer games is free.

- Gambling Advertisements should not contain statements about gambling as a solution to social and economic problems.

- Gambling Advertisements should not encourage excessive gambling.

- Gambling Advertisements should not contain statements that gambling is safe.

- Gambling Advertisements should not contain sexist statements.

- Gambling Advertisements will not highlight individual winners without documented base. This means that if and when the winners are presented in the marketing of these must be the real winners.

Mandatory gaming ads

- Game Ads should be very clear ad marked and clearly, even at a first glance, be distinguishable from editorial content.

- Game Ads should be very clear, understandable and factually correct in terms of bonus, spin and Look great.

- Game Ads should contain the contact information of an established and reliable organization providing information and assistance in connection with gambling problems.

- Game Listings should include clear information on the minimum age to play. The minimum age to participate in the game 18 years and 20 years to get to visit physical casinos.

Games Marketing must not be directed specifically to people under 18 years.